Monday, June 15, 2009

LEAGUE - Masquerade Discussions

The character you come as should be fictional. Historicals are fun, of course, but fictionals allow more latitude . . . that's Spanish (or French) for "attitude."

Poetic licenses are issued en bloc for the ladies. Not everyone wants to be Mrs. Harker. Lord Greystoke's lady's wardrobe leaves all manner of "latitude."

Has anybody else read Ahab's Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund? More latitude. The opening line is "Ahab was not my first husband, nor was he my last." Oh, dear me. And to keep going in that vein, need Ishmael have been a single man?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

League Candidates


How about Messrs Nicholl, Barbicane, and Ardan?


Friday, June 12, 2009



OK; I cannot not do this.

---------- MASQUERADE AND WHATEVER --------------

Friday night, 17 July, 7 PM till Midnight. Since some of my students access this blog and my FB, this gathering is for high school graduates only.


You must dress the part of a character from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Oh, you must dress the part. Of a member or conceivable member, of the League. Drac is not a member. Jack is not a member. Wilhelmina Murray is a member, though; isn't she.

If you do at least some of your homework for this one, it will make it that much more fun for everybody that shows up. For instance, I haven't read subject book yet, though I have seen the video three times. And I have caught direct or indirect connections to the works of Haggard, Stoker, Stevenson, Wells, Verne, Doyle, Fleming, Twain, Wilde, Melville, and Leroux. What did I miss? I know there's more.

Lick up the history . . . the Belle Epoque, European colonialism in Africa and Asia, the incredible mechanization of warfare, Jack the Ripper's spree in London's East End . . . and what did the posters on the warehouse walls advertise in the movie? Did anybody catch those? Those have to be good.

And who is not there you ask? Hmmm? Lord Greystone? Holmes or Watson? The original Phantom? Rudolf Rassendyll? Rupert of Hentzau? Where are Hector Servadac and Professor Aronnax? Carruthers and Davies? Professor(s) Lidenbrock/Hardwigg and his(?) nephew Alex? Where is Tom Swift? Richard Hannay? Captain Dan Reid?

The directions this thing links make me salivate. O! Be still my trembling heart! Victorian steampunk, tophats, swirling gowns, capes, uniforms . . . oh! oh!

Bring food; we're not as good with the loaves as Elisha, and I prefer sardines, personally.
Ours is a dry house; therefore BYOB. We will have ice and tea and Dr. Pepper. (This is not Kansas, Dorothy.)

Juried (paper ballots) will determine award of silly-assed prizes for the best/most appropriate costume. Ditto for the most obscure potential member of the League. You must bring documentation of your bona fides for membership in this category.

Details will unfold here as they are figured out.